Tina Reddington


  • I had a terrible life growing up with two had parents that abused me. My father molested me all the time into I was 16. I tried running away all the time. I was also naive at that age. I didn’t realize anything wrong until I started hanging with friends and there was something different. I was afraid to say anything because I thought he was gonna kill me and my siblings. My father would beat me if I didn’t have sex with him. Yes my father was also physically abusive to all of my siblings and me. He made me have sex with my brothers while he watched. I watched him beat my mother up. He was arrested several times for the physical abuse due to the school getting involved but my mom always took him back, she always said the church believed that she had to work it out. God didn’t believe in divorce. Oh and to top it off my dad was preacher. He was arrested and went to Dannemora prison. Not long enough. Three years that was it. Now at this time my mom got custody of me. My other siblings went to friends to live. Well guess what the physically and mental abuse continued from my mom. See my mom was just as bad as my dad. I won’t go into details right now but it was bad. I hated my mom so much. Some stuff I have buried of my mom and other stuff not so much. I am still in counseling for all of this. I can tell you God has spared me of death several times. As I got older my mom was still continued to be mean to me. It was like she hated me. Yes go figure…well just recently I was told by one of my siblings that she told them that she hated me sometimes and knew she shouldn’t feel that way. Hmmm…now let me speak from my thinking of God on this. This is how I feel. I have forgiven my dad and mom but thats it. My mom is always upset that nothing works out for her. She always says, she thinks God hates her. Now God knows what they both did to me. She complains because she is all by herself. Well guess what, she was never been there for me, treated me like an animal. I believe what goes around comes around. She has done this to herself. Anyways this is just a little bit of the abuse. I would overhelm you with it all.


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