Accept your pain

What a wonderful video on accepting your pain and how some pain is essential to losing your ego and experiencing peace. Watch below.

New Website!

Hello everyone! So, I recently started a subdivision with LoveAlwaysPrevails. We are happy to announce that we are officially a NYS Non-profit Organization. I decided to incorporate Black disabled Lives Matter to our causes. So our Organization, Black Disabled Lives Matter / Love Always Prevails Inc will be the voice and advocates for the black disabed community to………. end systemic racism and provide the tools necessary to ensure that they succeed in society. You can check out the new site here:

I will uploading some T-shirts and Sweatshirts available for purchase soon! I thank you all for your support and I hope you join us for this next venture! Much love to you all and God bless.


Amen. Its tough to stay obedient and disciplined. Especially, when things don’t go our way. But, if you want to see all things complete, you have to be disciplined. Or, feel the pain of regret. I don’t about you but, I would much rather be disciplined than feel the pain of regret. Because, I know what regret feels like. And it doesn’t feel good one bit. Don’t let failure and a no leave you stuck running around in circles. Keep striving to do better. And when all is complete it is such a rewarding feeling knowing that no matter what.. You didn’t give up. The choice is yours.

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