Brain on Trauma

When your experiencing great trauma your brain can be affected and lasting changes such as ptsd can occur. Ptsd affects about 8 of the population during some time in their life. Depression, substance abuse, dissociation, personality disorders and other health problems can arise as well.

Often times society labels these people as “crazy” when really their brain has been significantly affected. Which can make them appear abnormal acting. Which is another of these behaviors. No one should ever be made to feel they are “crazy” for something really traumatic that happened. To them. We need to be understanding and open our arms up to these people and guide them towards restoration.

I can sit here and sympathize with each and everyone of you. Because I’ve been there. And I know its one of the most awful feelings in the worlds. But I know it does get better and you will heal and be happy again. #justhavefaith #trustgod #dailyaffirmationswithSteph #dailyreminder #dailyhope #dailymotivation #hopedealer #lovealwaysprevails13 #breakeverychain #faith #hope #belief #trust #happiness #peace #joy

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