Releasing Trauma and Healing from Past Experiences: Part 2

In an article written for Natural Awakenings Magazine (August 2017), describes that trauma remains deeply rooted in the body/mind an abusive childhood, relationship or other traumatic experiences despite being locked deeply away. Dysfunction, pain, and disease are often created because this trauma is engraved in our minds, beliefs, and bodies. However, trauma does need to be a life sentence. Healing is achievable.

Trauma causes chronic illnesses and diseases like fibromyalgia, cancer, heart disease, auto-immune diseases and more. For example your healthy mind/body can get stick in a state of alert or “fight or flight mode.” Stress hormones increase significantly and your brain becomes wired for fear. This creates inflammation and disease in the body.

To prevent disease and or shortened lifespan healing is essential. This also manages everyday quality of life stressors. Don’t Rob yourself of happiness and life. Don’t get stuck in this cycle of fear, anxiety, low self-esteem. Don’to numb the psychic and chronic physical pain associated with trauma with alcohol or drugs. Don’t fear rejection. Learn to create healthy boundaries so you don’t attract more abuse. Often we can become workaholics and become overachievers to remedy our self-esteem. These behaviors are our way of coping with the unprocessed trauma.

In order to recover from past traumatic experiences is to soothe your overly activated nervous system. This will release held trauma and reset the brain. Yoga and breathing techniques are often used to self-soothe and achieve coping skills. There is also medication if necessary or talk therapy.

The ugly truth is that something very traumatic happened to you but pretending it didn’t happen is not going to make it any better either. Neither is unforgiveness or replaying over and over in your mind.

Don’t create a prison of negative beliefs, behaviors, chronic illnesses, and diseases. Free yourself from those chains that are holding you captive and live your life to it’s highest potential. You can do it. I believe in you. Believe in yourself.


The Key to Healing Trauma and Releasing Traumatic Pain. Natural Awakenings Magazine. August 2017.

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