Forgiveness does not mean

When you forgive someone often times the offender will assume that the act is forgotten. You don’t bring it up anymore. You are to not be upset. Just forget about it. And if you bring it up you hear “you haven’t gotten over that yet?” Just because you forgive does not mean you forget. You will never forget what someone said, did or how they made you feel. You might heal to a point where the offense doesn’t bother you, but you never forget. The offender may also think just because you forgave them that it excuses what they did to you. No, it doesn’t. You forgave them for yourself so you are at peace and do not carry that burden anymore. They are not off the hook. Some people may never be held accountable for their actions but do not let that destroy your inner peace. You know in your heart that they are wrong, but forgive them anyway and move on.

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