The Power of Prayer


Amen!! If that isn’t the truth! I was ready to give up at one point. I said thats its! I can’t do this anymore. I felt like I was failure, a bad mom. My kids deserved more. I had nothing to offer them. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I just felt like dying. But, one day by the grace of God, I responded to what he was saying to me. I had been pleading for help and praying. And he said “You can find rest in me. I will help you, just listen to what I’m telling you.” So from that day forward I listened to what he said and my life started changing for the better.  There are days that I have backsliden and my prayer life will start to wither. I certainly can tell the difference between when I pray and do the right thing and when I don’t. It can be tough to stay obedient to prayer, but we must try our best. We want God to answer our prayers, but why should he if we can’t just stop and talk with him for a few minutes. That’s all he wants. I know its the one person who wont judge me and will just direct me on the right path. #thatsreallove #mercy #grace #forgiveness #belief #hope #TrustGod #hewillneverleadyouastray #hewilldirectyourpath

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