Don’t Worry

In Matthew 6:24 KJV immediately following Jesus’s affirmation “you cannot serve God and mammom” (mammon means material wealth or possession) he demands that we “do not worry about our life.” Is your trust in God or money? When you worry about having what you need in this life? You are not trusting God. You’re just worrying.
Jesus tells us shortly after this passage to not worry and be encouraged. Our focus should be on deepening our relationship with God, not worrying about basic necessities.
Regardless of the person or situation causing concern, God will provide for you. He will give you a clear awareness of His provision today, as well as vivid memories of how He has provided for you in years past. There is no time for worrying if you truly trust God. (Cited and paraphrased from the Red Letter Words by Jesus ~Jack Countryman)

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