There is Healing from Emotional Trauma


It’s a great feeling when the things that once crushed us daily no longer make us cry.

In the midst of our heartache, It can be difficult to believe that anyone or anything has the power to heal your darkest wounds.  You can’t even imagine a healing and relief because the heartbreak is so overwhelming. We may think we are to far gone. There is no hope.

We may not even understand how to heal our deepest wounds. For many years after the sexual abuse ended I felt unworthy. I had created this belief because I felt so shameful for what had happened to me. I then became disassociated with reality and in an attempt to protect my heart, I hid parts of my emotional self. I also created a desperate need to control everything which prevented me from taking new opportunities. My shame created more shame; generating the need to disconnect. I didn’t think that there was any way I was going to heal from this emotional trauma.

But, I did. I started to believe that I was the creator of my life and I could either stay down or get back up. I was no longer going to feel unworthy. The desire to heal overpowered the belief that I was unworthy. I decided to give my pain to God because I believed that nothing is impossible for him. He can meet you in your darkest place and heal you.

Is it time for you to let go of some false beliefs that are attached to your emotional wounds? Maybe there are doubts that you have about being healed like I did? You have the power to heal yourself, but you must accept responsibility regardless of what transpired in your life. Decide today that you are going to let go of all those false beliefs that are holding you back.

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